Aluminium oxide/Corundum cutting wheel


Aluminium Oxide Corundum

Metallographic cutting wheels containing the Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) or Corundum as abrasive grain. It’s a synthetic mineral obtained from the fusion at very high temperatures of Bauxite.

For its ratio between hardness (9 on a Mhos scale) and wear/impact, the Aluminium Oxide is today the most suitable abrasive for cutting metal materials containing the element “iron” in a good percentage.

Skyward offers in its sales program three main categories of metallographic cutting wheels:

Silicon Carbide cutting wheel


Silicon Carbide cutting wheel

Metallographic cutting wheels containing silicon carbide (SiC), a synthetic mineral obtained by melting silica sand and Coke at very high temperatures.

Due to its high hardness (9.5 on the Mhos scale) and its fragility, silicon carbide is still today the most suitable abrasive for cutting non-ferrous materials (cast iron, bronze, aluminium, titanium, brass, copper, ceramic, glass, plastic, synthetic fibres, carbon fibre, etc.)

SKYWARD offers in its sales program three main categories of wheels:

Custom cutting wheel


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We are a brand well introduced in the quality control of materials during the working process and over the finished product.

Our core-business is the Metallographic Cutting wheels, where exceptional features of surface finishing are requested.

According to our twenty years experience, we consider the cutting like the result of three essential elements: Cutting wheel + Cutting machine + Operator

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Our cutting discs are applied in heat treatment, gears, coatings, automotive sector, aeronautics, aerospace, railway, energy, wind power, oil, military, defense, machinery, ball bearings, balls, naval, linear guides, iron and steel.